Welcome to the Cloudbook!


This is an evolving online book on Zen Mindfulness. It lives in the internet cloud, and, like the clouds in the sky, it will continue to grow and change. But, like the sky behind those clouds, the fundamental principle will always be the same.

Zen and Mindfulness
What meanings do you give these words?

"Zen" literally means "concentration" or "meditation", but I use the word to refer to the practices in Zen Buddhism that support regular meditation as well as the transcendence that results from it.

I use the term "mindfulness" to mean continuous, 100% engagement with this present moment.

The first two sections of this cloudbook contain my reflections on Zen and Mindfulness. There are many more chapters in the works, and these will be added as they are completed.

Three Steps
The last section presents a step-by-step method for practicing mindfulness. It is deeply rooted in Zen, but it's not just for meditators - everybody can do it. We find the primal "place" of transcendence and make it our home. That is the sky behind the clouds, the essence behind all the words. We then integrate this "place" into an ongoing cycle of mindfulness that brings equanimity as well as clarity, and cultivates a natural wisdom that can help us move through our daily life with ease and subtle joy.